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 This qualification is internationally accredited by the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA) and nationally accredited on the Fiji Qualifications Framework (FQF) by the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC). It is also registered on the Pacific Register of Qualifications and Standards (PRQS).


This programme reflects the role of counsellors, who work with clients on personal and psychological issues using established counselling modalities. They use communication, micro- counselling and interviewing skills and draw on varied counselling therapies to assist clients. At this level, the counsellor will be working in defined and supported counselling roles in established agencies rather than in independent practice.


Diploma of Counselling programme is designed to develop the skills and knowledge for counsellors, school  based  counsellors,  social  workers  and  for  individuals  who  want  to  pursue  a  career  in counselling.

Full Time 1 year
Part Time 2 years

To be admitted to this programme, a person shall have:

  1. A minimum pass in Senate recognised Form 6/year 12 with English and have minimum of one year work experience in the field; or
  2. Met the University mature student admission criteria

This programme has a total of Eight (8) courses.

Course Code Course Title Semester Delivery Mode Campus Fees (FJD)
  CECL41 Counselling Relationships and   Micro skills   1 & 2   Blended All Campuses   $560
  CECL42 Fundamental Theories  in Counselling   1 & 2   Blended All Campuses   $560
  CECL43 Counselling Therapies Client Support   1 & 2   Blended All Campuses   $560
  CECL44 Cultural Sensitivity Towards Diverse Ethnic Groups   1 & 2   Blended All Campuses   $560
  CECL51 Legal, Ethical & Professional Practice   1 & 2   Blended All Campuses   $675
  CECL52 Cash Management & Crisis Situations   1 & 2   Blended All Campuses   $675
  CECL53   Client Safety & Support   1 & 2   Blended All Campuses   $675
  CECL54 Responding to Family & Educational Issues   1 & 2   Blended All Campuses   $675

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