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The Preliminary Arts programme (PA) is designed for students who wish to pursue foundation studies in the arts stream or take up certificate or diploma studies in the skills based programmes of Pacific TAFE. This qualification will equip students with a range of skills and knowledge that includes research, communication, critical thinking, and knowledge on Pacific societies, politics and history. This programme provides opportunities for students to be creative, work collaboratively and use technology as a learning tool

The Preliminary Arts programme (PA) under the College of Arts and Humanities will offer the following disciplines:

  • Language                              
  • History                
  • Politics                  
  • Sociology                              
  • Technology                          

The Preliminary Arts programme is available by distance and flexible learning from all USP campuses, and at accredited schools in some USP member countries.

  • Secondary School leavers
  • Mature Students
Full Time 1 year (8 courses – maximum of 4 courses per semester)
Part time Flexible: students are also given the option to complete the programme at their own pace.

The Preliminary Arts programme will offer the following courses:

Course Code Code  Course Title  Semester Mode of learning   
                                             FOUNDATION ARTS (FNA)
LLP14 Preliminary English A I and II Blended at L, LAB, LTK, S, T, V, K & Print at all other campuses
LLP15 Preliminary English B I and II Blended at L, LAB, LTK, S, T, V, K & Print at  all other campuses
HYP01  The Pacific and World War II I Blended at L & Print at all other campuses
ISP21 Introduction and Communications Technology I and II O-C Online at all campuses
PLP01 Preliminary Politics: New Forces in the Pacific II Blended at L & Print at all other campuses
SOP02 An Introduction to Sociology I and II Blended at L & Print at all other campuses
TEP02 Preliminary Technology I and  II Blended at L & Print at all other campuses

cent 5;\

Model of Learning:

F: Face to face, B: Blended, P: Print, O: Online          Key: L: Laucala, LTK: Lautoka, LAB: Labasa, S: Solomon Is, V: Emalus,  T: Tonga, K: Kiribati       


  • LLP14 and LLP15 are compulsory for all full time Preliminary students.
  • In addition, students will be required to select from the list of courses under the Preliminary Arts programme.

To be admitted to the Preliminary Arts Programme:

Students would have successfully completed Form 5 or Year 11 with satisfactory school report and reference from school principal when applying for admission.

Those that scored below 180 in the Fiji Year 12 Examinations or equivalent


The award of a grade shall take into account performance in coursework and examination, or coursework only without any final examination for a course approved by Senate to be assessed in that manner.  The final examination and the work assessed during the semester shall each constitute not less than 40% and not more than 60% of the allocation of marks upon which the final grade is based.


The Preliminary Arts programme forms a pathway to the Foundation Arts programme. 

Students who have completed the Preliminary Arts programme may take up relevant certificate studies within Pacific TAFE.                  

Preliminary Fee Schedule, Regional          
  Fiji     FJ$ Cook Is Niue Tokelau NZ$ Kiribati Nauru Tuvalu AUS$ Marshall Is   US$ Samoa     TALA Solomon Is   SI$ Tonga     PA’ANGA Vanuatu     VATU
Preliminary (Face-to-face mode) 545 530 470 350 970 1,345 470 34,575
Preliminary (Print mode)  330 310 295 210 575 810 285 26,190

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